Now 2018 has settled in we can once again take a look back at how the online gambling industry has evolved into what it today. HTML5, Flash, mobile, desktop, and LIVE dealer suites are all new additions that we have seen improve the way the gambling industry offers engagement to its clientele. Breakthroughs in technology in the 21st Century means players can now play online gambling games on their mobile with one of the most popular being Mobile LIVE Dealer Suites.

Statistics show that nowadays the online casino scene is becoming increasingly less about desktop gaming and this is especially true when there are casinos out there such as 918kiss iOS versions as well as 918kiss Android versions with no desktop option. Visit 918kiss iOS download.

Although there are still many desktop players, many of these are in fact playing from their laptops. If we can also include laptops as a form of mobile gaming – as in playing casino games while on the move, then statistics safely show only 20% of online casino players connect from a desktop.

Even if we count laptops and smartphones together, then smartphones and tablets still win. More people connect to their online casino from a tablet or smartphone than ever before. This is purely because the advancement in HTML5 code and Flash play have meant that the convenience of playing via a mobile device is just too tempting to turn down.

One of the major breakthroughs we have seen in the online casino scene over the last 2 years is the evolution of LIVE dealer suites. At first LIVE dealers were only available on desktop devices and laptops. A few Windows operated tablets could also connect to the LIVE dealer suites. At this time, the LIVE dealer suites in early development, so a mobile connecting to the LIVE dealer suites was a distant thought at that time.

However, this has now changed. LIVE dealer suites have been rolling out their mobile/smartphone casino platforms. Casino operators can now connect to the mobile offering its clientele a mobile stream to the LIBE dealer suites.

For those that have not yet tried connecting to LIVE dealer suite via your mobile, then try it! You will be surprised at just how well the mobile version of the platforms have been designed.

Roulette is arguably the most ingenious game introduced to smaller mobile screens. You will have the chance to place your bets on one screen, and once all bets are down, the screen will then shift focus to live Roulette wheel. The tech is amazing.

Games such as Blackjack and Baccarat the screens generally fit quite nicely no matter the size. Smaller screens still adapt to the LIVE Dealer environment by adding shortcut icons for betting. The screen will focus on the cards on the table; while there will be small box showing the live dealer. This is much like when you are on a Skype call and you can see the person you are speaking with on a large picture, and your camera will be a much smaller box – this is exactly how it looks on a mobile LIVE Dealer suite.