If you are an online casino player, the chances are you’ve tried your luck at the slots, and that would be understandable, as the themes and graphics are amazing, not to mention the chance of becoming an instant millionaire. With such a range of game types and all the bonuses, it pays to do a little research before spinning away your hard earned cash. Here are some helpful hints to make playing the slots a really enjoyable experience.


Playing Strategy

The online slots are no different to the traditional casino one armed bandits, in as much as it is all about luck, but there are strategies that can increase your chances of a win. Spend some time studying the game, while playing for the lowest stakes, at least until you understand it a little better. There is a lot of useful information about playing strategies and other casino related topics at CasinoTestReports.com, a free information site dedicated to online gaming.

Play Line Activation

Some of the complex slots have multiple reels, and with bonus jackpot pay lines, the player can bet on a single or multiple lines. If, for example, a jackpot came up on a bonus line, and the player had not selected the multiple bet spin, they would not collect the prize. Always make sure you go with the maximum play amount, if you want the chance for the big payout.

Be Careful with Spin Values

The spin value is the amount that a single spin will cost the player, and it could range from a cent per spin to ten dollars, and if you are optimistic and play the higher spin values, your stake will soon run out.

Payout Percentages

These are what it is all about, and you don’t want to play a slot with less than a 95% payout. The higher the number, the more chance you have of winning, so it makes sense to only play the higher return games.


Playing Strategies

One way to do this is to designate a certain period of time, and divide this by your total stake, which should tell you how many spins you can play per minute. By playing and analysing the results, you can increase your returns, so pay attention to all your stats. Some players are in it for the enjoyment more than the money, while others are looking to walk away in the black, and then there are those who dream of that life changing jackpot that is always so well advertised.

Retrieve your Stake

The first thing to do is try to reclaim the total stake for the session. Let’s say, for example, you are prepared to play with $100, and if, after twenty minutes, you are $35 ahead, then you should put at least $20 aside, and keep doing this until you reclaim your $100. After that, you can start to increase your stake, if you are feeling lucky, but be careful, chasing your losses can be costly.

If you do a little research and use some common sense, you can increase your chances of winning on the slots, and if you have the discipline to stay the course, you could be one of the lucky progressive jackpot winners and retire to a life of luxury.