It is not many people who leave Vegas with more money than they had when they arrived in Las Vegas. Majority of the people who go to Vegas with the intention of becoming millionaires go back disappointed and having lost almost all the money they had going in.

This however does not mean that wins are impossible in Vegas. There are people who have won a lot of money in Vegas and some have become instant millionaires. A good example is a man from Florida who managed to walk away with $1 million in a Three Card Poker game. Below are the 9 Biggest Vegas Jackpot Wins.

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Desert Inn Win

Cynthia Jay-Brennan, a waitress in Las Vegas walked away with $34.9 million in the year 2000. Her win came about when she played a game on the Megabucks machine which was in Desert Inn.

Shortly after this, she was involved in an accident. She lost her sister and got paralyzed in the accident. This led people to believe that bad things tend to happen to jack pot winners.

The Biggest Win So Far

$39.7 million is the biggest win in the history of Las Vegas gambling.

This win was taken by a 25-year-old who worked as a software engineer. This was back in 2003. He won by putting only $100 into the Megabucks machine and trying his luck which really paid off.

A lucky Morning 

Johanna Huendl has a very lucky day on the morning of March 27th, 2002. Before breakfast, she had the feeling of trying out the Megabucks machine. Her $170 quickly turned to $22.6 million.

Good Retirement Days

15TH November 1998 marked the first time the Megabucks machine gave above $20 million as a win. On this day a retired 67-year-old woman decided to try her luck by playing $100 but mistakenly played $300. This was however her lucky day since she walked away with $27.5 million.

Two Jackpots

Winner Elmer Sherwin is one of the people who have made history with jackpot wins. He won two jackpots. One was in 2005 where he won a jackpot of $21.1 million and the other was back in 1989 where he won $4.6 million.

Caesars Win 

A 49-year old man from Illinois plaid $10 bill and got to walk home with a whopping $21.3 million from the Caesars Palace. This was back in 1999. This is one of the people who won a lot of money by inserting a very small amount of money to try their luck. This goes to show that it is not about how much you put into the machine.

Aria $10 million Jackpot Win 

A gambler managed to make history at Aria by playing the Megabucks machine back in 2011. He walked home with $ 10.6 million breaking creating a record a lot of people had been trying to make.

Another Aria Win 

A woman decided to take a chance and play the Megabucks with $6 on her way to her room in Aria. The machine gave her $12.7 million in return. At first, she though the machine was broken but her niece told her it was actually a win.

Lucky US Marine 

26-year-old US Marine, Alexander Degenhardt in 2012 was undergoing training in the Marine and it was his last night in Vegas. He decides to play $100 into the Megabucks machine and managed to walk away with $2.9 million.