Traditionally, most players at casinos have been men. The advent of online casinos has changed things considerably, and though the the male-dominated atmosphere remains, women now represent a growing proportion of players.

Before considering what online casinos have to offer women, it should be noted that these casinos generally offer higher payback percentages than brick-and-mortar establishments. You can even win real money playing your favorite casino games at or other casino sites, many of which offer welcome and referral bonuses.

The following are a few thoughts about women and online casinos.

Anonymity at Online Casinos

Since it’s long been the case that men dominated play in casinos,nearly all of the incredible stories of wins, or of casino cheats, have involved men as well. With online casinos, more stories can now be told.

Anonymity is an important factor here. Interacting online does not require disclosing one’s gender or any other aspect of identity. When a woman wins a big jackpot at a Vegas casino, everyone around her knows it. Playing online, she can win in the security of her own home.

Boost Your Female Audiences

If casinos want more female players, there are specific steps that they can take. For example, bonuses and promotional gifts can be keyed to female players. Once they know what their female customers want, online casinos can target them directly. Slot ads, for example, could be created by women and placed on websites frequented by women.

Another approach is to employ more male dealers at live casinos. It’s not that women don’t appreciate the female live dealers, but most of them will probably appreciate having the option of playing with a male live dealer.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

We would love to hear from women online gambling and casino fanatics about these issues in the forum. How can online casinos be more women-oriented? What kinds of bonuses appeal to you?Your feedback matters!