Many people find it fun, enjoyable, and sometimes profitable to bet on horse races. However, to keep from losing lots of money, it is important to understand the ins and outs of the process. There are sites for online betting and for learning the basics of betting on horses, sites such as

Betting Horse Races


Having an understanding of basic vocabulary can help in learning all about horseracing. Some of the basic terms and their definitions follow.

vocabulary learning horseracing

  • Bookie or Bookmaker the person orchestrating the betting scene
  • Daily Double – correctly betting on the winners of two races in a row
  • Exacta – correctly betting on the first two finishers in the exact order of finishing
  • Exotic Wager – a bet other than to win, place, or show
  • Favourite – the horse that is expected to win the race, giving it lower odds

horse win race

  • Furlong – a measurement in racing, 200 meters or 1/8 of a mile
  • In The Money – a horse that comes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, meaning they earn a payout
  • Punter – a person placing a bet
  • Return – the amount earned for a particular bet

betting horse race

  • Scratch – a horse that is removed from a race before it starts
  • Show – a horse that comes in third
  • Tote Board – a board showing current odds during a race, possibly including wagers placed
  • Win – betting on a win only

horse race betting

Understanding Betting

Though betting is a personal decision and no one can tell you how to bet, it is important to understand the different types of betting and when one is more advisable than another. There are exotic betting and standard betting. Exotic betting is anything other than a win, place or show. They include the superfecta, exacta, and such bets.

Standard bets are the easiest on which to collect. They include win, place, and show. Though you will have to make you own decisions about betting, there are a couple of hints to follow. If you are sure your horse is going to come in first, bet to win. If not, it is easier to get a payout if you bet to place or show. If you are betting on a horse of which you are you are unsure, it is good to bet for a show. You will earn less, but do stand a chance of earning something.

Understanding Betting

Though these suggestions will not ensure you a payout, they will at least give you a fighting chance. Just remember to be wise about any betting decisions and do not bet money you are prepared to lose. The great thing about betting now is that it can be done online as a result of the initiatives of companies that combine the appeal of social media, online gaming and sports betting. These companies let players to place a bet through bank transfers or credit cards at a number of betting sites.

Author’s Bio – Dylan Smythe is an aficionado of all things horse racing. He has studied the basics of betting on horseracing and wins a payout more often than not. He is well qualified to write about the basics.